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PC21- Polyester- 220°C

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PC21- Polyester- 220°C
PC0-P- Polyester- 220°C

PC21 is a high temperature film tape used to mask off areas that do not require coating.

  • Recommended for Powder coating, e-coating & anodising
  • High temperature
  • Removes cleanly without leaving adhesive residue.
  • Available in custom die cut shapes, discs, squares, rectangles etc.
  • Both imperial and metric sizing available.


Attribute Value
Material Polyester
Colour Green
Adhesive Silicone
Film Thickness 2.0 Mil (0.05mm)
Adhesive Thickness 1.5 Mil (0.04mm)
Total Thickness 3.5 Mil (0.09mm)
Temperature 220°C
Format Available Discs, Custom Die-Cuts
Aerospace Approval Yes

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