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470- Vinyl- 77°C

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470- Vinyl- 77°C

470 Electroplating Tape, is a conformable and abrasion-resistant vinyl tape from 3M™

  • Good chemical resistance during plating.
  • Conformable, resistant to electroplating and blasting.
  • Resists most common solvents, care should be taken to avoid ketones, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and esters, found in lacquer thinners, degreasers, paint strippers, etc., which may cause the backing to swell or curl.
  • Available in a range of metric and imperial sizes.


Attribute Value
Material Vinyl
Colour Tan
Adhesive Rubber
Backing Thickness 6.3 Mils (0.16 mm)
Total Thickness 7.1 mils (0.18 mm)
Temperature 77°C
Format Available Standard Roll Widths, Custom Roll Widths
Aerospace Approval Yes
Roll Length 33m

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