VHC - VHC Series Packaging

Vinyl Hanger Caps

VHC Series vinyl hanger caps are ideal for tools that need to be hung. These caps provide a tight fit to prevent caps from falling off. The VHC series compliments Caplugs ClearView tubing line (TRC and TRO Series).

  • Available in a variety of colours

Material: Vinyl

Standard Colour: Black
Optional Colour: White, Brown, Orange, Red, Green, Grey, Blue, Yellow

Type: Protection & Finishing , Caps, Packaging & Containers, Tube Ends & Tubing

Material: Vinyl

Applications: Packaging & Netting

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Part Number Dim A (mm) Dim B (mm)
VHC-531-16 13.49 25.40
VHC-812-16 20.62 25.40
VHC-1062-16 26.97 25.40
VHC-1375-16 34.93 25.40
VHC-1437-16 36.50 25.40
VHC-1500-16 38.10 25.40
VHC-1625-16 41.28 25.40
VHC-2000-16 50.80 25.40
VHC-2500-16 63.50 25.40
VHC-3000-16 76.20 25.40