TH - TH Series Plugs

Hex Socket Threaded Plugs

TH Series threaded plugs are designed to protect internal threads during low pressure testing and in-plant process. Keeps contaminants and moisture from threaded ports. Oil & heat resistant to 121ºC. Not for permanent applications.

  • Hex design socket for installation and removal
  • Protects NPT threaded
  • Keeps ports clean

Material: High-density polyethylene
Standard Colour: Black

Type: Fitting Protection, Protection & Finishing , Plugs

Material: HDPE, Polyethylene

Applications: Hydraulics

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Part Number Dim B (mm) Dim C (mm) To Plug NPT Thread Size
TH-3 6.35 7.87 1/4-18
TH-5 7.87 9.65 3/8-18
TH-7 9.65 9.65 1/2-14
TH-9 14.22 12.70 3/4-14
TH-11 16.00 13.46 1-11-1/2