HB - HB Series Finishing

Hose-Bend Restrictors

HB Series hose-bend restrictors reduce bending stress near the hose-coupling junction. This added protection prevents damage to the hose and ultimately extends its life cycle. The upper lip firmly attaches to the coupling, holding the restrictor in place, eliminating the need for costly adhesives or clamps.

  • Tapered for easy installation
  • Works with variety of hydraulic and pressure-wash hoses

Material: Vinyl

Standard Colour: Black

Type: Protection & Finishing , Other Product Protection

Material: Vinyl

Applications: Hydraulics

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Part Number Dim A (mm) Dim B (mm) Dim C (mm) Dim D (mm)
HB-20 15.65 17.75 134.37 15.88
HB-40 16.97 19.25 145.80 17.22
HB-60 19.05 21.64 163.32 19.33
HB-80 20.70 23.52 177.29 21.01
HB-100 22.12 25.27 197.10 22.48