FF - FF Series Flange

Caps for Flanged and Flange Mounted Fittings

Available in square, hexagonal and triangular shapes, the FF series caps can be used with a variety of flanged and flange-mounted fittings. They effectively seal dirt out of the fitting and protect the flange surface against nicks and scratches. When fittings are provided with slip-on flanges, these caps keep the assemblies intact during handling and shipping.

Material: Low-density polyethylene

Standard Colour: Red

Type: Fitting Protection, Protection & Finishing , Caps, Thread & Flange Protection

Material: LDPE, Polyethylene

Applications: Thread and Flange Protection

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Part Number Dim A (mm) Dim B (mm) Dim C (mm) Shape To Fit
FF-26 9.40 42.67 41.15 Square AN-756-12
FF-28 9.14 46.74 45.21 Square AN-756-16
FF-32 8.64 53.59 52.07 Square -
FF-35 9.40 57.91 56.39 Square AN-756-20
FF-38 10.41 63.25 60.96 Square AN-756-24
FF-41 11.18 67.31 65.79 Square MS-9244-32
FF-48 10.67 78.49 76.96 Square AN-756-32
FF-39 11.18 Triangle MS-9233-24
FF-64 10.92 Hex AN-756-40
FF-72 10.92 Hex AN-756-48