UEO - External Upset End Tubing

Standard Duty External Upset End Tubing Protection

The UEO series protect the exposed pin ends of standard duty external upset end tubing. The protection is easily installed and removed with a non-threaded, push-on design and a tear ring; meets standard duty requirements.

  • Made with recyclable polyethylene.

Material: Low-density polyethylene

Standard Colour: Black

Type: OCTG Products, Protection & Finishing , Caps, Pipe Caps & Pipe Protection, Plugs

Material: LDPE, Polyethylene

Applications: Thread and Flange Protection

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Part Number Description API To Fit NUO Tubing (In)
UEO-3500 Pin Open End Standard Duty 3-1/2
UEO-4500 Pin Open End Standard Duty 4-1/2
UEO-2875 Pin Open End Standard Duty 2-7/8
UEO-2375 Pin Open End Standard Duty 2-3/8