Tapered Caps and Plugs Tapered Caps and Plugs

Tapered Caps and Plugs - T Series

Designed to be used as a cap or a plug, the T Series is tapered to fit a wide range of applications to protect from contaminants and debris. May be used for MIL Std, SAE-type fittings, hydraulic and threaded or non threaded fittings.

Material: Low-density polyethyleneStandard Colour: Red
Optional Colour: Green for Flex Temp

The T Series is also available in a flexible vinyl for high-temperature applications. Call Customer Services for more information.

For Silicone alternatives see the TS Series.

This range is available in small order quantities on our online shop. CapXpress. For larger orders please call 01684 533 800

Type: Fitting Protection, Protection & Finishing , Caps, Packaging & Containers, Pipe Caps & Pipe Protection, Plugs, Thread & Flange Protection, Tube Ends & Tubing

Material: LDPE, Polyethylene

Applications: Automotive, Compressed Gas, Electronics, Hydraulics, Masking, Packaging & Netting, Thread and Flange Protection