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Sleeve-Web - SW Series

SW Series Sleeve-Web® Netting is available in three different versions:

Standard Duty Sleeve-Web® Netting [approximately .070” (1.78 mm) thick] provides low-cost protection against physical damage to exterior surfaces of machined, ground, polished, plated, coated or threaded cylindrical parts. Its elasticity ensures a snug fit and a nonslip grip on straight-sided parts and those with tapered or varying contours.

Light Duty Sleeve-Web® Netting [approximately .060 (1.52 mm) thick] provides protection for lighter parts. Ideal for irregular-shaped parts, it stretches easily to twice its diameter, while its elastic properties allow it to pull tightly around the smaller sections. Provides inexpensive, attractive easily applied wrapping for long, narrow items such as wires, glass rods, tubing and rolled paper.

Heavy Duty Sleeve-Web® Netting [approximately .080” (2.03 mm) thick] has a thicker extrusion, more strands, and closer spacing. It offers an extra measure of protection for valuable precision components like heavy duty truck parts, screw cylinders, spline shafts, couplings, roller bearing assemblies, pistons, and heavy threaded fittings. Eliminates the high cost and time-consuming labor associated with traditional protective wrappings like paper, cardboard, styrofoam or wood.

Material: Low-density polyethylene

Standard Colour: Various

Type: Protection & Finishing , Netting, Packaging & Containers

Material: LDPE, Polyethylene

Applications: Packaging & Netting