Sleeve Caps for Tube Ends Sleeve Caps for Tube Ends

Sleeve Caps for Tube Ends - SC Series

SC Series sleeve caps are designed to fit outside diameters of tubing with a snug friction grip. SC Series is ideal for capping and protecting both threaded and non-threaded tubing and rod ends. They also make excellent masks for painting, plating or grit-blasting operations.

Material: Low-density polyethyleneStandard Color: Red

This range is available in small order quantities on our online shop. CapXpress. For larger orders please call 01684 533 800

Type: Fitting Protection, Protection & Finishing , Caps, Packaging & Containers, Thread & Flange Protection, Tube Ends & Tubing

Material: LDPE, Polyethylene

Applications: Automotive, Hydraulics, Masking, Thread and Flange Protection