Mobile Oxygen Caps Mobile Oxygen Caps

Mobile Oxygen Caps - MOC Series

MOC Series Mobile Oxygen Caps provide valve protection, ensuring that the oxygen units arrive at the end-user with no damage, contamination or tampering. Specially designed to be used with the Walk 02 Bout, Grab ‘n Go®, O2Go™, OxyTote™ and other popular units.

MOC-01 fits the small barbed port where oxygen tubing attaches. Exterior ribs aid in the removal process and a vent hole prevents gas build-up. Color: Black

MOC-02 is a small threaded style cap that fits DISS connections to protect against dirt and moisture. Six exterior ribs allow for easy installation and removal. Color: Green

MOC-03 fits a traditional, CGA-540 valve which can be used to fill the oxygen cylinder. Can also be used on non-oxygen related CGA-540 valves. Temper evident design with pull-tab. Color: Green

Standard Colour: Various (Colour-coded for sizing, see descriptions above)

Type: Protection & Finishing , Caps, Threaded Hydraulic Caps & Plugs

Material: LDPE, Polyethylene, Thermoplastic Rubber

Applications: Medical