SK - Starter Kits

Starter Kits

The SK series are starter kits each containing a small selection of masking products that can be used together. Each kit is packaged in a plastic box, which is sectioned and labeled to identify the parts. These kits are ideal for research and development work, small runs or for hobbyists.

Material: Various

Standard Colour: Various (Colour-coded for sizing)

Starter Kit Contents

Type: Masking Products, Masking Caps, Masking Plugs, Miscellaneous Masking, Protection & Finishing , Caps, Plugs

Material: Cork, EPDM, Polyethylene, Silicone

Applications: Masking

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Part Number Description
SK1 Low Temperature Plugs/Caps - 177°C
SK2 Vinyl Caps/ Self Threading Plugs - 177°C
SK4 Ultrabake Caps/ Pull Plugs - 315°C
SK5 Ultrabake Caps - 315°C
SK6 Ultrabake Caps- sizes M1 to M14 - 315°C
SK7 Various sizes of Cork Plugs
SK8 Ultrabake Silicone Pull Plugs- 315°C
SK9 EDPM Pull Plugs- 177°C
SK10 Green Neoprene plugs - 177°C
SK11 Black Neoprene plugs - 177°C
SK12 Reusable Tapered Ultrabake plugs - 315°C
SK13 Reusable rubber plugs
SK14 Ultrabake Flangeless plugs - 315°C
SK15 Ultrabake caps and plugs- 315°C