RMCP - Resealable Masking Cap/Plug

Resealable Masking Cap/Plug

The RMCP Series provides the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry with a Cap-Plug combination mask for use during coating and pressure testing of HVAC compressors. Eliminates the need for two separate masks and the added labor involved in installing and removing each. The rubber cap/plug reseals itself after any nitrogen charging that may occur for shipping.

Material: Rubber

Standard Colour: Black

Type: Masking Products, Masking Plugs, Protection & Finishing , Plugs

Material: Rubber

Applications: Masking

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Part Number Dim A (mm) Dim B (mm) Dim C (mm) To Fit Tube Size
RMCP-312-12 9.65 10.49 13.34 5/16
RMCP-375-12 11.68 11.43 13.64 3/8
RMCP-500-12 14.10 13.36 17.22 1/2
RMCP-625-12 17.15 17.07 20.22 5/8
RMCP-750-12 20.57 19.81 23.37 3/4
RMCP-875-12 24.00 23.06 26.95 7/8