MT - MT Series Plugs

Metric Sealing Plugs

The MT Series is designed to protect metric fittings with five complete threads to provide a tight fit and secure seal. May be applied or removed with a screwdriver, socket wrench or manually.

  • Plugs metric threads
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Provides tight seal

Material: Nylon 6

Standard Colour: Yellow

Type: Fitting Protection, Protection & Finishing , Plugs

Material: Additional Materials, Nylon

Applications: Hydraulics

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Part Number To Fit Metric Plug Size
MT-10 M10 X 1
MT-12 M12 X 1.5
MT-14 M14 X 1.5
MT-16 M16 X 1.5
MT-18 M18 X 1.5
MT-20 M20 X 1.5
MT-22 M22 X 1.5
MT-24 M24 X 1.5
MT-26 M26 X 1.5
MT-27 M27 X 2
MT-33 M33 X 2