MKITHVC - MKITS HVC Series Masking

High-Temperature Masking Kit - Flex500™

Masking product kits allow you to keep a wide variety of high-temperature vinyl sizes and styles on hand for quick and easy access.

  • Flex500™ is an innovative material formulated to withstand temperatures up to 260°C
  • Intermittent at 260°C/ Continuous at 149°C
  • Ideal for powder coating, e-coating and painting
  • For standard vinyl, please see out MKITVC Series.

Material: Flex500™

Standard Colour: Black

Flex500™ masking kits include one Micro Pak of the following:

Small Diameter Kit MKIT-HVC-062-281

Product code Qty Product code Qty
HVC-062-10 100 HVC-187-16 100
HVC-080-10 100 HVC-203-16 100
HVC-093-12 100 HVC- 218-16 100
HVC-109-12 100 HVC- 234-16 100
HVC-125-16 100 HVC-250-16 100
HVC-140-16 100 HVC-281-16 100
HVC-156-16 100 HTP-6 50
HVC-172-16 100 HTP-8 50

Large Diameter Kit MKIT-HVC-312-1000

Product code Qty Product code Qty
HVC-312-16 100 HVC- 625-16 50
HVC-343-16 50 HVC-750-16 25
HVC-375-16 50 HVC-875-16 25
HVC-406-16 50 HVC-1000-16 25
HVC-437-16 50 HTP-9 50
HVC-500-16 50 HTP-10 50

Type: Masking Products, Masking Speciality, Miscellaneous Masking, Protection & Finishing , Caps

Material: Vinyl

Applications: Masking

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