FUF - FUF Series

Flareless Union Fitting Caps

Flareless Union Fitting Caps (FUF Series) are designed to protect tube fittings in high vibration hydraulic systems typically found in aerospace and military aviation applications.

Designed to firmly seal any MS or AS flareless union fitting, this protective cap protects hydraulic parts and tubes during shipping. During shipment, it is important to protect the flareless union fitting from dust, debris and thread damage.

The design also includes internal ribs to protect the fitting by creating an internal seal that keeps any remnant hydraulic fluid from leaking while the parts are in transport.

• Effectively seals without the use of an o-ring
• Economical protection
• Available in a variety of sizes
• Internal ribs prevents hydraulic fluid from leaking

Material: Low-density polyethylene
Colour: Red

Type: Protection & Finishing , Caps, Threaded Hydraulic Caps & Plugs

Material: LDPE

Applications: Hydraulics

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Part Number Dim A (mm) Dim B (mm) Dim C (mm) Dim D (mm) Dim E (mm) To Fit Thread Size
FUF-4 8.18 10.41 11.25 2.79 10.92 7/16-20
FUF-5 9.80 11.89 13.00 2.79 10.92 1/2-20
FUF-6 11.71 12.78 14.07 2.79 11.43 9/16-18
FUF-8 15.60 18.24 19.51 3.56 13.72 3/4-16
FUF-10 18.97 21.26 22.71 4.32 15.49 7/8-14
FUF-12 22.15 25.73 27.25 4.32 15.49 1-1/16-12