FHU - Female Hammer Union

Female Hammer Union

Caplugs FHU Series patent pending, vinyl dip, molded protectors are designed for ease of installation and removal. This innovative molding process allows for maximum protection and competitive pricing.
Our FHU thread protectors offer an economical solution to protect the threads of expensive female sub components.

  • Durable and light weight
  • Threaded design for a secure fit
  • 30-50% less expensive than competitors (size dependent)
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Correspond to HU Series colours

Material: Vinyl

Colour: Black or Red (colour coded by working pressure)

Type: Protection & Finishing , Caps, Pipe Caps & Pipe Protection, Thread & Flange Protection

Material: Vinyl

Applications: Thread and Flange Protection

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Part Number To Fit Nominal Pipe Size
FHU-100-3 3
FHU-400-3 3
FHU-206-2 2
FHU-206-3 3
FHU-206-8 8
FHU-400-2 2
FHU-1502-2 2
FHU-1502-3 3
FHU-1502-3HD 3
FHU-1502-4 4