UWM - Silcone Washer Masks

Silocone Washer Masks

UWM Silicone Washer Masks are designed to cover plain and threaded studs. These washers are to be used with the UWPP and UWPP-LS Series. They will mask off the stud and allow finishing up to the stud.

  • For High-temperature processes up to 315°C
  • Intermittent at 315°C/ Continuous at 232°C
  • Reusable

Material: Silicone

Standard Colour: Various (Colour-coded for sizing)

Type: Masking Products, Masking Speciality, Miscellaneous Masking

Material: Silicone

Applications: Masking

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Part Number Dim A (mm) Dim B (mm) Dim C (mm)
UWM-128 10.01 3.25 5.33
UWM-150 12.70 3.81 7.87
UWM-180 14.27 4.57 7.37
UWM-200 15.01 5.08 7.87