Tips and Guides
  • Material specification chart

Not all of our materials are listed on our material specification chart. This chart is for reference only for selection purposes, we would advise that all products are tested for purpose. Please ask customer services for more information on specific parts, materials, or to request any datasheets/ material specification.

Masking Applications
  • Plug Selector Guide

A range of our most popular masking plugs, for easier selection for your processes.

  • Tape Selector Guide

Our standard range of tape offerings in a quick easy to read table. Other approved specialist tapes available, please contact us for details.

  • Caps for threaded studs/ Plugs for threaded holes

Size guide with metric and imperial threads by material for easy thread selection.

Protection Applications
  • Vinyl Conversion Chart

This is a helpful tool when trying to determine the proper vinyl cap or plug that may suit your application. The dash numbers at the end of a product code indicate the length of a vinyl part. The lengths are available in increments of 1/16” (1.5875mm). Custom lengths are available for most standard vinyl parts in 1/16” increments. Please speak to customer services for more details.

Downloads available